August 12, 2013


A great found through Briton Bees!! Mr. Jake Robbins back in the UK is restarting to produce Girder forks the old way, all casting and brazing made. Great job that would look good on the Daytona!!

August 7, 2013


Lanakila is a Portland based photographer and motorcyclist enthusiast and one of the rare photographer documenting the real women who ride. Her exhibition THE WOMEN'S MOTORCYCLE EXHIBITION is still touring. Check also her instagram @fevvvvaa, lot of really cool photos!!


Oh shocking!! Yes this is all about culture and the He-Gassen, Japanese scroll created during the Edo Period 1603-1868, is all about it!! This scroll depicts a fart battle and apparently these drawings were created in response to increasing intrusion of Europeans in Japan during that period... Not sure what to think about this reference...