September 25, 2008


Andy Howell is less known than Hirst or Banksy but in contemporary art scene you can not miss his work. With strong roots in skateboarding and graffiti Howell is coming up with a new project named ARTSPROJEKT. The big idea behind this is to create a platform between artist, brand and consumer in order to produce, publish and directly sale online. No more art gallery or middle man, fuck them!

September 18, 2008



Like him or hate him, Pharrell is still at the top in his field. This month our favorite tattoo mag Inked features him on cover for a special fashion issue and an interview about his tattoos.

September 12, 2008


Mr.G met a dedicated girl earlier this week. She tattooed the HD patch on her arm and told him how crazy she becomes in front of a bike..

September 11, 2008


This week I've spotted this beauty in a shop in Kwun Tong, what a waste... On it, the 'big' so-called owner of the chain is saying that he loves bike for the feeling of freedom it gives you. Hey big ass, put your babies on the streets and let them breath and smoke their tires!


September 10, 2008


Japanese brand Mastermind 'revisits' a classic by adding their own touch. This skull head with sharp angular cuts is perfectly executed. Well done.

September 8, 2008


Just pass by this cafe near Star Street this morning. They currently do a painting exposition to promote the new graphic novel Devashard. Inspired by Asian mythology and produced in Hong Kong by a team half from Western and half from the Eastern comic industry. Really cool black and white paintings.

September 4, 2008


Do we really need to comment...?


If like us you have been skating during the mid 80'/90' you probably know some of the most recognizable skateboard graphics made by Jim Phillips. His blue screaming hand is now an icon on itself. What you may not know is that Jim is also a big fan of hot rods, check this 'work in progress Ford 32'.