April 29, 2010


Hong Kong get more and more skateparks in the new territories, soon will be delivered 2 bowls in Po Kong Village as well as the Tung Chung one, see pictures by WZA.

April 28, 2010


To work by hand you need some good sharp tools..


Falcon Motorcycles are custom vintage British bikes hand sculpted and machined from raw blocks of metal. You can see the Norton backbone or Triumph engine still framing the machine, but the spirit is undeniably Falcon.

April 26, 2010


Spotted in HK a month ago, a rare 356 Porsche Speedster with the 356 license plates. La classe!

April 23, 2010


Wii Fit may have a new marketing scheme...A 24-year-old woman named Amanda Flowers from Manchester said the Wii fit turned her into a sex addict. She said that minor vibrations from even a food processor or her cell phone makes her extremely 'horny'. She needs up to 10 sex-sessions a day to keep her sane...

April 14, 2010


Run on Daytona Beach between 37' and the 60's, the celebrated Daytona 200 motorcycle race was in the hands of daredevils, rebels and scofflaws. LIFE covered the 12th annual races and reported:"for four days last month the resort city of Daytona Beach could hardly have been noisier -or in more danger- if it had been under bombardment". Motorcycle madness!!


Belvedere is the second helmet designed by Jerome Coste of Ruby. Based on the Pavillon but with an extra articulated screenshield.

April 12, 2010


Last week was the opening of the 'Day Job?' exhibition curated by Eugene of Hypebeast. Cool event with cool peoples, check Above Second gallery on facebook or through the website.