January 25, 2013


Our black and white Friday by Helmut Newton. Misogynist, cruel, pornographic famous photographer described as a perverse romantic! I quite like his work, from shooting dominatrix to motorcycle lady to Hugh Hefner's projection room in Beverly Hills (second photo). A man with a vision!

January 24, 2013


How cool is that?!? California-based Tom Wright made these bumper cars street-legal after putting them on 4 wheels and equipped with Honda and Kawa 750cc engines. Few of them being reportedly able to go up to 160mph / 260km/h. Where do I order..?

January 18, 2013


'Fury' artist Seasick Mama shot by Hassan Kinley. She is our B&W beauty this Friday and you will definitely hear from this beauty singer, performer, trendsetter from NYC! Our friend David Gensler took some photos of her in his Brooklyn based studio months ago and you should definitely google it...


Just released for the HRCS in Yokohama beginning of December this little Triumph bobber is recognizable among any others. Heiwa Motorcycle produced another beautiful machine which includes all their special touches, from the metal craft to their -always changing- same seat design..

January 12, 2013


Get ready for the Brussels Motorshow from 10th to 20th this month! Fred Krugger's last creation "Tribute to Japan" will be exhibit on Honda's booth.